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We offer competitive pricing on a wide array of equipment and accessories from student to professional grade.


Our high quality and professionally set up string instrument rentals come with the following:
  • Bow
  • Gig Bag
  • Rosin
  • OPTIONAL Insurance plan


Full array of student to pro-level instruments in an eclectic variety of makers of fully carved, plywood, and hybrid (half-n-half) models.

Our gallery contains new and used basses in all sizes from 1/10 to 7/8.

We enthusiastically welcome trade-ins!

What Customers Think

Margaret-Desiree M.
“I recently moved to Durham, and like any bass player, am always nervous to go to a new luthier. Damon (Dr. Bass) is amazing! He was kind and patient with my sometimes stupid questions. He went above and beyond to get me a few extra millimeters on my adjustable bridge. His shop itself is quite impressive.”
Rosendo P.
“Really a nice place to learn music and also for repair instruments. Give a look here.”
Leighton M.
“Took my bass to Damon before heading off to college. It sounds huge and looks great!”
Eric M.
"Damon is a thoughtful, responsive, and thoroughly expert luthier. He stands behind his work and goes the extra mile to make sure that you are happy. His extensive experience performing repairs means that he is quick to diagnose issues and can clearly communicate the tradeoffs of various repair options.”
Gabby L.
“Awesome location for not only all your string instrument needs, but a great space to have lessons in as well. Damon has been amazing in doing some repairs on my sons violin before he started his very first lesson. I appreciated Damon being very informational to my son and I in learning about the violin...”
Mark W.
“Great work! Super fast. Managed to extract resonance from my E string that I didn't know was there!”
Michael Lowry - Professional Bassist
"Loving the setup! Amazing difference in tone and playability!"
Aaron Cole - Professional Bassist
“Got my Deuce bridge installed, fingerboard (dressed), and set up done by Damon Walker -Dr Bass in Durham NC.Could not be happier, anybody in or near Durham needs to check this guy out.My bass has never played this well, so freaking excited!”
Alexander Silbiger - Professor Emeritus and Former Chair of the Duke University Music Departmen
“Many thanks for doing your magic on my bass, which much enhanced its clarity and resonance! As always, I’m most grateful for your fine work and advice. You are truly an indispensable resource for musicians in the area! Lex Silbiger Professor Emeritus and Former Chair of the Duke University Music Department”
Malcolm Brown - Professional Bassist
“I appreciate the work you did on my Bass! I will definitely refer you to all my other string instrument friends!”
Paul Creel - Professional Bassist & Instructor
“Damon Walker is a bad cat!”
Aaron Gross - Professional Bassist & Instructor
“Great hang the other day at Dr. Bass with the doctor himself. He goes the extra mile to make it a great experience, you gotta check him out if you're in the triangle.”
Michael Haskins - Bassist
“Dr. Bass (Damon) IS Great! Very knowledgeable and great personality.”
Edward Huang - Bass Student
“Damon is very friendly, helpful and patient too; great customer service!”
Jane Harwell - Bass Student
“Excellent customer service, repair quality and wait time. Thank you!”
Richard Milward - Bass Student
“Damon is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!”
Heidi Roth - Mother of Student Musicians
“Excellent service, great with the kids!”
Ricky Bugle
"Thank you for all that you do Damon Walker"